A $50 billion environmental mess caused by Obama. (No, not the oil spill).

OUR ASS-KICKING PRESIDENT should take careful aim at his own derrière. He’s triggered a less publicized environmental mess with costs that rival BP’s deep-water oil spill. The difference is that taxpayers—not some energy company—will foot the bill….This mess began last year when Obama cut off funding for a legally mandated nuclear-waste depository beneath Yucca Mountain, about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas…Years ago, [the U.S. Department of Energy] signed contracts with the utilities to take the waste off their hands and store it at Yucca Mountain. Breach of contract suits filed by 72 utilities seek $50 billion in damages.

It’s worth reading the whole piece, and it’s also worth considering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s, D-Nev., complicity in wasting $60 billion, between the lawsuits and the $10 billion wasted to construct the Yucca disposal site.


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