Warplanes: The F-35I Looks Pregnant

September 4, 2010: Now that Israel has placed an order for 20 American F-35 fighters, for $137.5 million each, preparations are well underway to customize the new aircraft. That’s why they will be called the F-35I, because they will be fitted out with a lot of Israeli designed and made gear. This will include several bits of Israeli equipment in the cockpit, and a modification to the main computer that will allow easy connection to Israeli accessories. There will most notably be a detachable 2500 liter (600 gallon) fuel tank. While this reduces the stealth capabilities, the fuel tank can be jettisoned once the aircraft enters enemy territory. The pilots will also use an Israeli made “point and shoot” helmet (as will most F-35 drivers everywhere).

via Warplanes: The F-35I Looks Pregnant.


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